Atmospheric apartments

A different space-time

Essential furniture, wood, natural plaster, colors, simplicity, beauty.
Apartments with independent entrance, private bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette, double bed .....

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The Farm

...short history, philosophy and nature

Walking around here is like walking in paradise.
In my view, the farm is a place where everything is somehow related, useful and functional to the others. The intent is to enrich the land so as to leave it to the future generation richer than how I found it, and learn, learn what the earth is and how it should be treated, what it likes, how plants grow and what animals need that I breed ... and consequently learn to live in a sensitive way, sensitive to the leaves and legs and coat of animals .... more local and more global at the same time.
Values ​​such as beauty and harmony of forms are mixed with those of productivity and practicality. The economic return is neither the only nor the first return that I expect. I am inspired by permaculture.

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Giovanni Dellacasa

... what's more beautiful than a story to tell !?

I believe that a quality life is one in which you do what you like, you have good expectations for the future, you have free time, needs that can be easily satisfied, and not least when you have health.
I live a quality life with myself, nature and others. I host and produce natural foods.

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